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"continue" button won't reappear on checkout

mwahahamwahaha Member
in Bugs & Feature Requests edited December 2012
When the user views my lightly-modified checkout page, he sees "create or use account" selected as the default checkout option. Great, that's how I configured the client's store. When the user clicks the "checkout as as guest" radio, the "continue" button disappears. That makes sense, I guess, we're not calling up account info if he just wants to be a guest. But then if the user changes his mind and reselects the "create an account" radio, the "continue" doesn't reappear. This seems incongruous to me. Maybe I'm missing something, but It seems like the event of the "create an account" radio being checked should always show the "continue" button".

Furthermore, when the user goes ahead in this state, and enters an email address, the "continue" button still doesn't reappear. (Interestingly, if the email address he enters doesn't validate, then the "continue" button will reappear, along with the error message.) Seems odd.

I hope this is clear. Most of this store's users check out as guests, but I do get emails forwarded to me from time to time from users who get stalled somewhere in the checkout, and I'm usually baffled 'cause they're not detailed reports, and hence usually impossible to reproduce. Hopefully this is useful.

(BTW I love the address handling improvements in 1.0. Brilliant!)
  • fc_adamfc_adam FoxyCart Team

    Thanks for the detailed post - it does indeed make sense.

    We're actually planning some improvements to the FoxyCart templates to introduce a responsive aspect to the way they're constructed, and we've actually discussed that 'continue' button as part of that, so we'll be making some changes to it's inclusion.

    For what it's worth, it's actually not a required element of the checkout - the whole setup will work without it as users click on and off of the inputs. I can certainly see that it would be confusing though if it was there, and then wasn't there a moment later when it was a little earlier.
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