FoxyShop and Foxy Cart - getting them to work together

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I have built simple sites with wordpress and only know the basics of html etc. but know how to navigate most everything and understand the majority of the lingo. I understand Foxycart is not an out of the box solution but I only have a few products to set-up that will have the same template. I am using foxycart due to its flexible subscription ability with multiple product variation that I could not find else where to work with Wordpress. I will have 3 products with multiple size options. I want to give the customers the option of multiple lengths of subscription options as well as ordering without a subscription. I want customers to have the option to change/cancel/update subscriptions and gen info as well. I want to be able to track orders, inventory, etc. and this is where I thought foxyshop would work well but they are still not talking together when I create a product and/or I am missing something with adding more code for foxycart to work. I have set-up everything in wordpress (foxyshop and linked them with API etc. and did all step-by-step according to documentation) and set-up all required in I will keep reading the documentation but am a little lost and if anyone has any code, page examples, feedback that would be much appreciated. Thanks and Happy New Year!
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    @mlarson722, I emailed you a response asking for a bit more info. Hit me up on email, thanks!
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