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Referring and Response URLs for Realex

fox101fox101 Member
in Help edited January 2013
Hello, our shop is up and running with PayPal but we are adding card payments with Realex. They are asking for the request/referring and response pages on our site.

This is the email I have:
"If you are using the redirect system to send through transactions, we need the full URL or web address of your referring and response pages:
- The request/referring page(s) is the last page on your website before your customer comes to our secure server to enter their details, so the page that sends us the transaction information.
- The response page is the page on your website to which we send the result of the transaction."

Please could you let me know what these are? The site is and I think the referring page should be

  • fc_adamfc_adam FoxyCart Team

    That style of integration is where the gateway hosts the payment entry page, where the customer enters their credit card details on their server and is redirect to and from there from your website.

    We don't use the "Redirect" style set up though. Instead we utilise the "Remote" integration method.
  • Thanks Adam, can't believe how complicated the whole process is, but thank you for all your help with numerous queries!
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