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is there a way to have a hidden "CUSTOM product options"

michaelmichael Member
in Help edited January 2013[]=quantity&s[]=max#standard_product_options

I can see if i add
'SOMETHING' => 'audio_file'

I can get it through the cart and out the other side to come back to me in the transaction_xml_datafeed

I can also see that I can hide it and get out the other side if i put it as an extra parameter on h:
(but in this case its not associated with the item that is in the cart, but rather the top level of the order.)

So the question is:
Is it possible to pass a hidden value that IS associated with the item in the cart?
  • fc_adamfc_adam FoxyCart Team

    The way I have tackled this in the past is to prefix the hidden session attribute with the product code it applies to. For example, if I have a product with a code of 'foo123', the hidden session attribute would be 'foo123_myname'. That way you keep the hidden attribute hidden, but also unique to a product.
  • lukeluke FoxyCart Team
    Currently, we don't have product specific hidden custom fields, but we are working on developing hidden product attributes in the future.
  • Thanks guys for the answers.

    I want to tackle this today, so I think my first attempt will focus on trying not to need to pass it through and instead look it up on the other end using the product code to try to figure it out.

    Much appreciated.
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