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[trivial bug] The calendar asks me to choose a date, but starts from Jan 2007

michaelmichael Member
in Bugs & Feature Requests edited January 2013
This doesn't even really effect me, I was just playing around and noticed it.

on the advanced settings page:

when the "would you like to enable your store datafeed?" box is checked, there is another box that is fillable:
"Datafeed URL: " and below that: "Click here to refeed your Subscriptions XML Datafeed"

I suspected that clicking here would re-send the xmldatafeed that comes back at the end of a transaction and would land where I have been working to get the SSO setup so thought I'd check it.

It didn't do what i expected immediately and instead gave me more options in the "Search and Filter" section.

Just playing around, I added a filter "next transaction date"

This is where the bug/issue is.

In the next transaction date fields they are pre-populated with:
1969-12-31 to 1969-12-31

Clicking on the date icon next to the second one brings up a date selector (as expected)

That the date on the date selector would be today's date.

The date on the date selector was January 2007

Because there is only a NEXT> button that progresses one month at a time. and it takes many clicks to get to today.

add a year jumper next button to the date selector.
  • fc_adamfc_adam FoxyCart Team
    edited January 2013

    So when you clicked 'click here' it would have redirected you over to the transactions page, and there should have been a green notice that read:
    Subscription XML Datafeed Processed
    If you did not get the expected results, please check your error logs.

    Clicking that button will simply refeed the Subscription XML datafeed, which is only sent once a day and includes a summary of the subscriptions for your store that fit certain criteria. This isn't for your SSO endpoint, but for your XML Datafeed endpoint. Details on the Subscription XML here:

    In terms of what you saw with the date fields, do you have any subscriptions you've processed for your store, test or otherwise? Those fields by default will be set to the date of your first subscription as the first date and the latest subscription date as the last. I'm assuming you don't have any subscriptions in your store, so it's setting it to an unhelpful default which is setting the input to as old as it would go server-side and as old as it would go in the calendar.

    Probably a better solution would be to hide those filter options if there are no subscriptions available - as it's a little misleading when they're there but nothing is actually there to filter. We'll create a ticket and update that to make that a bit clearer.

    Thanks for pointing that out, and for giving the amount of detail you did.
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