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Checkout Page not showing product images on iOS

nickffnickff Member
in Bugs & Feature Requests edited January 2013
Hi all,

Having a really odd issue with the checkout page not showing product images in the cart. This issue is only occurring on mobile devices (iOS specifically tested). Desktop browsers of all shapes and sizes seem to be fine. And the really odd part is that they do show upon initial page load..and then about 1 second later they disappear completely.

I do have some custom CSS going for the images, but even if I strip that out it's still occurring.

You can test it out here -

If anyone has an idea as to why this is happening, it would be much appreciated!
  • fc_adamfc_adam FoxyCart Team
    edited January 2013

    I'm seeing the same thing, although testing the standard template on my iOS device the image loads in just fine and stays there - so I'm leaning towards something on your checkout is breaking on iOS for some reason.

    What I'd suggest doing is remove all of your customisations, make sure it works on vanilla and start adding them back in one by one and seeing at what point the image disappears. The way it was loading it appears that the image hides after the page has finished loading, so my guess is that it's something in your customisation.

    You also have 2 javascript errors on the page as well, which may or may not be causing this.
  • nickffnickff Member
    edited January 2013

    Found the issue. It was the inclusion of a script by the name of retina.js, which helps to streamline the process of replacing images for high pixel density displays. Not sure why it was causing an issue with product images (I'm guessing a path/caching issue), but I can live without it on the checkout page, so I'm not overly concerned.
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