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First Month Free

cfncfn Member
in Bugs & Feature Requests edited October 2008
Hi guys -

Is there any way to set up a subscription link so the first month is free (nothing billed for 30 days?)

This is an older website built on Nucleus. If I was using MODx on this I bet there would be a way to use a PHP snippet to generate a date and plug it into the purchase link, but, I don't have that functionality with this site.

Are discounts or coupon codes an option to do this? (How would I set those up?)
  • lukeluke FoxyCart Team
    Interesting question... Pardon my ignorance, but what is Nucleus? Do you not have access to PHP or any similar dynamic language? Actually, you could even do it with JavaScript. Just find out what the current date is, then add 30 days to that date and use that as the subscription start date. Easy as pie. Just use a hidden field and update it on page load via javascript.
  • cfncfn Member
    I got it completely figured out with coupon codes.

    Here is the link - Enrollment Fee&category=enrollment&price=100.00&quantity_max=1&2:name=Monthly Membership Fee&2:price=49.00&2:sub_frequency=1m&2:sub_startdate=20090115&2:category=monthly&2:quantity_max=1

    I used a coupon for the Monthly category, discount based on quantity, coupon details 1-49, uses per customer 1.
    It initiated the subscription successfully and charged the correct price. So, worked great. Trial and error to figure out coupons only took a minute, but I bet a lot of people will need more documentation to figure out exactly how to work it.

    Side note, Nucleus is a CMS -

    As far as programming - PHP and Javascript are foreign languages to me. I can copy and paste things, and kind of read the language, but not do too much else with them without step-by-step instructions... and Nucleus doesn't seem to support PHP add-ons as easily as MODx does, so thats a double whammy against that method.
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