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Amazon Flexible Payment System

At Orabrush we're looking for a new cart solution. Super sick of the speed and development costs associated with Magento. We launched a preorder website at and got a half million in preorders. We used Amazon FPS to charge the preorders, which worked really well, converted higher and now (because of our transaction volume), provides lower rates than our Merchant account.

We choose Amazon FPS because of the ability to get a payment authorization that would last for a long time until we actually shipped the product and could settle the transaction.

Two questions:

Does FoxyCart have any plans to integrate Amazon FPS? Is it possible for us to integrate it via the API?

We're trying to find a way to integrate that payment option because of the conversion rates on Amazon and our lower transaction costs.

If not, can you think of a way to take a preorder on FoxyCart where the customer is not charged until the product ships?

I'm really excited to have found FoxyCart!
  • fc_adamfc_adam FoxyCart Team

    Congratulations on the successful preorder launch! That's great!

    So at this stage, while Amazon is definitely on our list of gateways we want to integrate with, we don't have any time-frame of when an integration will be set up. Also, as integrations with payment gateways is something we need to develop in-house, that's not something you'll be able to do unfortunately.

    One approach you can take with your pre-orders is to actually set up the product as a future-dated subscription, with the subscription start date set to run on your anticipated ship date. That way, customer can place orders, and have to put in their payment information, but won't get charged until that start date.

    If need be, using the API you could loop through all of those subscriptions and change the start date to be sooner if you ship early, or delayed to a later date if there are any unforeseen delays to the ship date.

    We actually had a similar discussion recently which you can see here:
  • Thanks Brian
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