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Process domestic orders, only verify international orders

joshdjoshd Member
in Help edited January 2013
We'd like to automatically apply shipping to domestic (US) orders, and process them, but for international orders we'd like to calculate our own shipping and just have FoxyCart verify the CC instead. Is that something that is possible? If so, could I get an example of how it might be done?
  • fc_adamfc_adam FoxyCart Team

    So you can't do one or the other - but you could account for the lowest common denominator and just authorize transactions only, rather than authorizing and capturing transactions straight away. That way, you'd have to manually set domestic orders to capture in your gateway after they are completed, and then you'll adjust international orders and process them as well. For more information on auth and capture, see this page:

    How are you currently calculating international shipping? If it's not too complex, you could look at calculating that shipping on the checkout as well utilising javascript.
  • Turns out the international shipping calculations are pretty complex - potentially needlessly so, but that's another beast for another day. We're just wanting to get to a stable, usable point for now.

    I considered going the javascript route, but after reviewing our 'shipping calculator' it seems like a rather daunting task, particularly considering I don't know much about javascript or how to manipulate JSON objects. Is that what the cart is? A JSON object? If nothing else, maybe you could point me to a reference concerning the fields/values/whatevers in the cart, and I could take a whack at it.

    Also, that reminds me of a second question - is there a way to change the text under the Shipping Methods label? We'd like to put a warning/notice there stating that international shipping will have to be calculated by hand if the customer chooses a specific type of shipping. Basically we want to put the warning at the top of under the shipping methods label (preferably only if they select one of the options listed in the warning.)

    Thanks for all the help you have given so far!
  • fc_adamfc_adam FoxyCart Team

    We have some snippets which go over how to modify shipping, and for your needs I'd recommend the live rates shipping modification script, or the flat rate markup of live rates script. Both available here:

    In terms of adding text below the shipping methods label - you can do that one of two ways. Either you can create and insert an element using jQuery, which would look like this:
    jQuery("#fc_shipping_result").after("<p>Your text here</p>")

    Or you can actually include that in the checkout markup using Twig if you're running FoxyCart version 1.0.
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