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Multiple Tax

Johnny4BJohnny4B Member
in Help edited January 2013

I had a look through the other posts but could not see an exact match to my question, so hoping someone might be able to offer advice or insight

Client has a store, it targets two countries, Ireland and the UK.

Thats two different currencies and two different local tax rates. The store is located in Ireland so can easily set up the Euro pricing and Irish tax rate.

But I can not see an option to display UK pricing or indeed a diffident tax rate for the UK.

Am I missing something, how have others handled this issue

Thanks in advance

  • sparkwebsparkweb Member, Integration Developer, FoxyShop, Order Desk
    You can set up different taxing regions based on City or Region or Country, but FoxyCart only supports one currency per store.
  • I had not fully thought through the "tax issue", its really only the UK that will be an issue ,as they wont pay tax (I say Tax, its actually VAT).

    I assume ,and someone might confirm as I am only finding my way around FC, I can create a category for UK buyers and not charge VAT, is that correct ! as UK buyers buying from an Irish store will be VAT exempt.

    As for the currency issue, that's a little more complex to resolve I see now

    I appreciate at the transaction point the local currency will be converted, but in my case I don't want Irish customers to be able to see what UK customers are paying and vica versa ...

    I suppose the obvious alternative is to create two stores and redirect each visitor to the site to the appropriate store.

    But that is obviously going to have an adverse effect on SEO due to the volume of duplicate content .as each store would be identical in every sense bar the price shown ... lots of content duplication !

    Have any other members / users of FC resolved this issue through bespoke customization though either JS / PHP .... I am very sure I am not the only one requiring a similar solution

    If so ,and you are willing to allow me to use / modify your code, I would be willing to offer a fee in gratitude


  • brettbrett FoxyCart Team
    Hi @Johnny4B
    Unless I'm not up on the latest SEO news, but what about the rel="canonical" tag?

    As far as other users, what we typically recommend is separate subdomains or subdirectories, so you can keep the session cookies entirely separate. There's a section on the config here:

    We've got a few users that have done that. Most recently there was a company that did 4 stores (for 4 currencies), but they used a country selector on the initial pageload (if there wasn't already a selected country cookie set).

    You could definitely handle it a few ways, like augmenting the selector with GeoIP lookups, and you could definitely use a single page and serve different prices (and FoxyCart js includes and different hrefs and actions on the links and forms) via some PHP (set by a cookie). The only issue would be if somebody got the wrong cookie set initially, you'd need to be careful or you might get a customer on the GBP store that actually should be on the EUR store.

    Thoughts? (I hope I'm being clear. Let me know if I'm not.)
  • Hi Brett,

    Thanks for your reply, yes we could and would always rel canonical even if single website, it would be part of our standard optimization process (an old SEOmoz tip) that still helps with ranking. Problem is that only one website will rank at local search depth then (as in the .ie at search engine if we rel canonical the

    We can easily redirect with JS through Geo IP.

    Although you may be right by using a sub-directory of the main store (.ie) and creating a folder with called "UK", that way we can still rel canonical all the pages, the main website we can get to rank and we can just re-direct UK visitors to a sub directory as opposed to a new domain

    Our client is reluctant for their potential clients to see what UK and Irish customers are paying, yes I know and we have said that they can easily find the other domain, he argues that a minority will bother, and i suppose he has a point, so including a country selector wont work.

    I think that maybe the best plan of action may be a sub directory .... That means a second store I assume and then setting that currency to Sterling


  • fc_adamfc_adam FoxyCart Team
    @Johnny4B - that's right, any different currencies you want will currently require a separate store per currency.
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