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Integration with Paypoint

I'm looking to setup shop with Paypoint in the UK but Paypoint have said that integration is via the API only and that we need to be fully PCI compliant:
I believe the status of Foxycart is that it is integrated with our API solution but not our Hosted solution. If you are not fully PCI Compliant, you will need to use the hosted soltion (we store cards and tokenise).

Although I'm aware of the need of PCI compliance I normally always take payment off-site over a secure connection so the PCI compliance responsibility lies with the payment gateway. Can you confirm that this is the case here? I just want clarification that I can still integrate with Foxycart via the API without having to pay £40K+ to get my office PCI compliant. ;)

  • fc_adamfc_adam FoxyCart Team

    They're right that because the hosted solution isn't being used, that the PCI compliance requirements fall outside the gateway, but it doesn't fall to you. Instead we take care of all of that for you as we securely host the payment page where credit card details are input and then transferred to the gateway on your behalf.

    At most, we generally suggest that users of FoxyCart would be required to the SAQ A level of compliance. You can see more information on that, and how PCI works with FoxyCart on this page:

    Note that this assumes that you're purely accepting payments using FoxyCart, and you never handle credit card details yourself.

    If you need to, you can send the following page to your PayPoint contact to let them know that we are PCI compliant ourselves:
  • ianian Member
    Hey Adam,

    That's great, and all makes perfect sense. Thanks for clarifying that for me. Having the extra details to pass on to Paypoint for confirmation is very useful and answers a number of their questions.

    Much appreciated.
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