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Transaction display status: hidden

twykrtwykr Member
in Help edited February 2013
Some of the transactions on our store got flagged as "hidden" for some reason (and we don't think it was our staff that did that), and we're trying to track down why that might have happened. But that aside:

For anyone else who finds themselves in that position, and are wondering how to get them to be NOT hidden anymore, the trick is that the "Hide Checked Transactions" button is mis-labeled when you're viewing hidden transactions. What that button label should really say is something more like "Save Changes to 'Hide' Status" - meaning that if you have hidden transactions, you would uncheck the "Hide" checkbox and then click the "Hide Checked Transactions" button to unhide them.

I wasn't able to find information or an answer about this flag anywhere else, so I'm posting it here in case it helped others :)
  • fc_adamfc_adam FoxyCart Team
    edited February 2013

    That's an interesting point - technically the label is still correct - as by unchecking some of the transactions and hitting that button again, only those that are still checked will remain hidden so in effect you're still "hiding checked transactions". We'll discuss this amongst the team if it's worth clarifying that label a bit more - thanks for your thoughts there.

    In terms of how they got changed to hidden - it's possible to hide a transaction using the API - so if you're using something to manage your orders like Order Desk that uses the API, that might be changing transactions to hidden. The only other way that can happen is by someone going into the admin and selecting transactions and marking them as hidden that way.
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