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hi gents, i remember seeing some pricing on the site ages ago - but cant see it anymore for looking...

are there prices and notes on any of these features (below) knocking around?

* Checkout at your own domain (small additional fee)
* Emails sent from your own addresses
* Images cached automatically off your own server
  • lukeluke FoxyCart Team
    As for the main pricing, it's right on the home page, currently $15/month. As for checkout at your own domain, I'll have to get back to you on that. We're still working out how much time it takes us to install the SSL cert and deal with all that drama, but it will be a yearly fee to renew the cert.

    Your other two are...

    ...wait for it...


    We're very proud of that. We've done a lot of work to mimic other major mail senders out there so that the message technically comes from our server (so as not to be marked as spam), but still has a "from" address from your domain. This is standard. AutoMagicCache is also a built in part of the service we provide.

    I hope I understood your question... otherwise, please let me know where I went wrong and I'll attempt to remove my foot from my mouth.
  • cheers luke, thats cool mate. im not super desperate to use our own subdomain for the store just yet (its not been requested by my client yet)

    thanks for the inclusive features =)


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