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Pre-authorization plus Inventory management

flinx777flinx777 Member
in Help edited February 2013
I've got a Foxy Cart site we setup awhile back: ... the client came to use with a few modifications that I need a little help with.

1. They need the ability to mark certain products as currently out of stock but will ship in 1 to 2 weeks on the website (this is fleshed out more in point #2 below). On these products that are currently out of stock, they need the ability to allow people to go to the checkout page and enter their CC info to have Foxy Cart authorize only the information, but not charge them yet. will have this information and when they are ready to ship, they will simply login to (or another interface we can look at) and have the customer (that has only been authorized up to this point) billed the full amount. But for the products that are available on the site and ready to ship, they'll need to be able to go ahead and have the customer purchase these, not just pre-authorize the CC info, and bill them now as Foxy Cart normally would. So we're going to be mixing authorize-only and standard purchases on the same site.

2. They also will need inventory management. So once they're out of a specific product, they'll need a way to alert people on the website that this product is out of stock and simply authorize their CC info (as outlined in step 1). They will need some type of log interface that will allow they to manage product quantity. I've built this in MODX in the past, but it wasn't the easiest to use admin for the customer.

The client may also need some type of shipping label generator.

I don't know if all this exist in ... would this be the right tool to pull off the above functionality?
  • fc_adamfc_adam FoxyCart Team

    1) We don't currently have the ability to do both auth and auth-capture, depending on the products present. If you need to be able to do both, your best bet would be to just to auth, and your client will have to manually capture all transactions, whether that's immediately or delayed. Worth noting as well - gateways all provide different lengths of time that an auth will last for, you will want to confirm with your clients gateway what that length is for them.

    2) I'll let @sparkweb respond in terms of OrderDesk's fit for those requirements, although I don't think that would manage your inventory levels for you.

    Is the site currently using ModX to manage products? If so that might make the most sense to do the stock management as well - unless your considering moving to a different system for the site?
  • sparkwebsparkweb Member, Integration Developer, FoxyShop, Order Desk
    @flinx777, FoxyCart doesn't support different types of gateway processing, so you'd need to either charge cards or not, but... I think what you could do is have people setup a subscription that is set to charge two weeks from today with a repeat of 1d and then an enddate of two weeks +1 day. This will have the effect of running the charge once and then cancelling it.

    Or you could just do everything auth-only and capture whenever you want with Order Desk. OD does have a feature that will attempt capture automatically when you mark an order as completed. It's not a good idea to hold a authorization for more than a few days, though, as won't guarantee it past, I think three.

    Inventory management: you could use Order Desk to send inventory info to your site or just use the datafeed to send that info to the site and pull it out of inventory. Just depends on the infrastructure you want to build with.
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