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Still don't fully understand some shipping issues

in Help edited November 2008
We've got a FedEx account, which gives us deals on shipping. Currently, our operational Foxycart is giving shipping rates that match the non-account rates. So if we place a test order, and then go to FedEx's website and manually enter in a matching order (sans account number) we get the same results.

Is there some way to tell Foxycart to use our account number for shipping calculations?

Sorry for the simple questions!
  • brettbrett FoxyCart Team
    No worries on asking questions. That's what'll help us create better documentation and get you the answers you need.

    Currently there's no way to enter your own shipping account numbers, but we'd love for you to request it here:
    We do have a lot of shipping improvements planned ("supership"), so we'll likely look into this as part of a larger shipping revamp.
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