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Is it possible to force Overnight shipping as the only option for a given product category?

ChubbRckChubbRck Member
in Help edited March 2013
I have two types of items - ones that need to be shipped fedex overnight, and the rest that do not and can be shipped ground or some other more inexpensive method.

What I'm looking for is the best strategy for forcing FedEx overnight when a cart contains an overnight item. Ideally, I'd love to assign 'overnight shipping' to an overnight product category and 'ground shipping' to all others. Is there a way to force a shipping method for a cart that contains certain types of items?

Thanks for any help you can provide -
  • fc_adamfc_adam FoxyCart Team

    It is - but currently you need to add some javascript to your checkout template to do so. We have a snippet on our wiki for 'Live Rate Shipping Modification' here: - that would be your best bet.

    FYI, we are currently working on a rebuild of our shipping functionality which would allow for this kind of set up within the administration itself, but until we've completed that, javascript is the next best thing.
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