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State Can Not Be Blank Error

cbootcboot Member
in Help edited March 2013
We just updated to 1.1. When our customers go to update their subscription information (for past due amounts), an error pops up saying "error: state can not be blank" even though the state field is filled out. Any ideas?
  • fc_adamfc_adam FoxyCart Team

    So I think you've uncovered a bug with this one that requires a specific set of steps for it to occur, and your transactions match it.

    After digging into this one for a while, I believe the root cause here is that you have a shippable product, and a non-shippable subscription in the initial transaction - and you require people fill in a separate shipping address. When someone edits their subscription though, they're only seeing that non-shippable sub, so the shipping address isn't required. When it hits the server though when a customer submits a subscription change, the server still sees that the shipping address is required from that initial transaction and so errors as such.

    We're going to continue to dig into this and adjust our code to allow for that kind of set up as necessary. In the interim, if you set your subscription category to be flat rate shipping of $0, that should fix this issue if it is indeed the root cause., That will allow for the shipping fields to be displayed for the subscription, and so that will load in their shipping details correctly when someone loads in their subscription.
  • cbootcboot Member

    Thanks for looking into this. I'm going to try the temporary fix. Will let you know if I experience any other problems!
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