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I haven't been able to find anything in the forums that meats my specific needs.

My client wants to charge postage and handling based on the weight of the order with a custom tier, we're based in Australia, so we can't link it to the US shipping prices.

This is the tier she wants to use
up to 250g $5
250 - 500g $9.90
500g - 3kg $14.10
3 - 5kg $17.20
over 5kg $25

We're setting this store up with Foxyshop, and it's sending the weights through fine to the cart, the Foxycart version we are using is 0.7.2 for compatibility with Foxyshop.

Website is

Your help is very much appreciated :)
  • fc_adamfc_adam FoxyCart Team

    So your best bet at this stage is to use javascript on your checkout and manually set the flat rate shipping based on the weight figure. For what you've described there, the tiered flat rate shipping snippet on this page would be the best choice:

    You'd simply base your if/else tiers on the total weight of the cart, which you would access as:
  • @fc_adam
    That works well, thank you very much!
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