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Multiship Multiple Shipping Options Dropdwown Cookie Issues & Multiple Forms

eternitywebeternityweb Member
in Bugs & Feature Requests edited March 2013
We have a Foxycart 1.0 store using the very latest version of Multiship and we are experiencing what we believe to be a bug/issue with mutliple forms on a page that use the Multiship drop down.

We had to turn it off on the LIVE site as it was causing issues, but we have it in place on our sandbox account below.

And example URL is below:

If you try to add people to your list, add to cart, check out, come back, the names will randomly disappear from the drop down list. It seems to be a big issue in IE but were also able to replicate on Chrome.

It seems to work just fine when it is on a single form for a single product on a page.

Any ideas? Has anyone else run in to this?

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