Safari Loads Foxycart.css, Chrome Does Not

andrewcraftandrewcraft Member
in Help edited April 2013

If you look at:

And hit "Add to Cart" in Safari the Foxycart Window looks great.

Do the same thing in Chrome and it doesn't show any of the CSS styling. Any ideas on why the foxycart.css doesn't load on Chrome? Any help appreciated. Thx!

  • fc_adamfc_adam FoxyCart Team

    You'll need to run your template through our automagicache functionality to securely cache your external stylesheets and javascript files. Currently, your stylesheet is being served on the cart over http - which different browsers handle differently. Chrome, as you have seen, just won't load it because of security concerns. Other browsers will display it, but will display insecure warnings to the user as well to varying degrees. By caching your templates, we pull those external files inline so they load securely for the customer.

    For details on that, see this page:
  • Excellent. Thx, Adam!
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