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FoxyBack screenshots

sinbadsinbad Member
in Help edited November 2008
a. Did anyone actually got foxyback (for modx) working?
b. is there a discussion here about it or only on google code?
c. Any chance to get some screenshots of the results?

When I tried installing it I had several issues from the beginning, and now I have broken install with lots of automagiclly populated chunks and snippets, thinking maybe some screenshots will encourage me to try again...
  • brettbrett FoxyCart Team
    NOTE: FoxyBack-MODx isn't an official FoxyCart supported thing, but Fred and I are involved in it. While we'll try to help out as we can, we're really busy on FoxyCart itself, and FoxyBack-MODx is provided as is, open source, without any expectations whatsoever, etc. ;)

    So with that out of the way.

    a. Yes, it's live and kickin' on at least 3 sites I know of. Actually, live on 2, I think one's still in development, but I know of 2 others that are in development as well.

    b. Google Code is probably the best place, but we're talking about it now, so I guess we might as well continue ;)

    c. Which piece?

    The installation process is pretty awful, fwiw. That needs to be cleaned up considerably. The good news is that once you get it working, it'll work really solidly (at least, from what I've seen), but getting it going is definitely tricky.

    (Actually, we probably should keep this discussion on the Google mailing list.)
  • a. Cool, good to know it's working for some ya know ;)
    b. I'll keep my other questions to google code then.
    c. which screenshots? all that will trigger the geek in me to go that journey.

    I'll get my hands dirty and will try it again on my sandbox so I wont mess the working part.
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