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Free shipping for US clients, flat rate for international clients

cmoralescmorales Member
in Help edited April 2013

I am setting up a store where shipping will depend on client's country.

I've read the docs here and followed their instructions, but the shipping cost doesn't update when I change the shipping country. I don't know if that's built in (1.1) or I need to place some custom javascript as in this snippet

Currently, my store is configured as follows:

Store: shipping:
Nothing checked in any section but "custom options" ->
For: Domestic Shipping YES

CUSTOM Domestic Services:
Customer Pickup NO
Free Ground Shipping YES

Then, in Product->Categories:
Shipped using a flat rate fee YES
Flat Rate Amount: 19.99
What type of Flat Rate would you like to use? :Charge Per Shipment

Thanks in advance

  • fc_adamfc_adam FoxyCart Team

    Thanks for posting such a detailed description - much appreciated! :)

    So currently you're mixing two different shipping types. The settings available on the shipping page are put into action for any categories set to live rate shipping. As your category is set to flat rate though, the customer will only receive the $19.99 flat rate shipping fee.

    Currently you'll need to use javascript on your checkout to achieve conditional shipping like that. I'd suggest using the 'tiered flat rate shipping' snippet available from this page: - and following the instructions on that page.
  • Thanks for your help :)
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