Looking for a way to accept orders but not actually process the payment until ready to ship

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My store (www.adumbra.com/indexx.php, with 2 x's) is in development.
In case the discussion title isn't self-explanatory: what I'm trying to do is allow customers to "pre-order" and provide their payment details (to FoxyCart, not to me), and then some time later when the goods are ready to ship, manually trigger something that puts the order through FoxyCart and my payment processor (or, in the event shipment can't be made, cancel the order). I haven't found anything in the snippet library or in the subset of discussions I've looked at.

Is anyone aware of an existing implementation of this function? I'm using FC version 1, non-subscription. My skill levels are relatively low -- I've implemented form validation in PHP, am not afraid of the API, and I can struggle through with javascript, but I'm self-taught and still trying to get good at all this.

I can think of scenarios but am not sure they are possible -- such as accepting the order without payment details, then e-mailing the customer a link on shipment day, the link taking him/her to a prepopulated cart that needs only payment details to get processed.

Any advice would be appreciated.

  • fc_adamfc_adam FoxyCart Team

    There are a few options - depending on how long you have between the customer adding their order and you shipping and charging for the order.

    The option you mentioned could work - accepting a preorder at no cost - and then sending a link for the customer to pay with a new add to cart at the shipping date.

    The general suggestion we give is using the subscription approach - with a future dated subscription for the product. You'd set the subscription start date to the estimated shipping date. If that changes before that date, you can use the API to update all of your subscriptions to change the start date to the revised shipping date.
  • dfoydfoy Member
    I was wondering about that. Does buying a subscription and providing payment details trigger a payment on the day the subscription is to start?
  • fc_adamfc_adam FoxyCart Team

    That's right - if someone purchases a susbcription that is set to start at a future date, then the customer will enter their payment details on the checkout - but will only be charged on that start date.
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