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NO Data Returned

vijiviji Member
in Merchants edited April 2013
We are not able to process orders in our website it says

"DataFeed Failed: (59122785) 2013-04-10 04:10:47 No data returned for [403]"

However we have not edited scripting for past Few days, till Yesterday Night it worked fine

  • fc_adamfc_adam FoxyCart Team

    The key part there is the status code in the square brackets. 403 means that your endpoint told FoxyCart that it was forbidden from accessing the page. One thing you could try is reaching out to your host and checking if our servers have been blocked from accessing your site.

    You could also inspect the server logs for your own site after trying to resend an datafeed, and see if that provides any more specifics on why it's not hitting your site.

    From Wikipedia, a HTTP status code of 403 is the following:
    403 Forbidden
    The request was a valid request, but the server is refusing to respond to it. Unlike a 401 Unauthorized response, authenticating will make no difference. On servers where authentication is required, this commonly means that the provided credentials were successfully authenticated but that the credentials still do not grant the client permission to access the resource (e.g. a recognized user attempting to access restricted content).
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