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Cart issue (resolved)

Johnny4BJohnny4B Member
in Help edited April 2013

First time using FC 1.1, I have used FC ion the past on still working great on websites.

Problem I am having is, we use the standard FC checkout template and customize it slightly to sit with the clients website., nothing to fancy with the CSS.

We are in the test environment with this clients website, we have created a checkout page, inserted the Cart and Checkout placeholders, all good, except for one thing.

On the checkout page, we are getting the <!-- *********** fc_shipto_# : Ship To: ************* --> field displayed all the time, any other previous time we worked with FC, this would be a tickbox option under billing address, if the client was shipping to a different address other than their billing address, they would tick the box and the shipto form would display.

I am puzzled to say the least, have checked that there are no JS conflicts, which there is not.

Can anyone advice, I assume there is no setting we need to use in the backend (Admin area) .... and from that assumption I can only hasten to think I am doing something wrong, or this option is different in ver 1.1

Thanks in advance

  • Ive spent the last 5-6 hours trying to figure this out

    And what is all this "ship to me" with no active link that pops up on the cart template, and also within the colourbox module

    Can I go back to version 1.0 .... Life seemed easier back then

    Just seen this post, having the exact same issue, as I said earlier, have use foxycart before with no such issue

    I have removed all JS from the page, everything ...

    Have insured I am using JS 1.9.0, I am using 1.82 on a few other pages as some other scripts require 1.8.2.

    See image below


    I am off to bed now .... I give up at this stage ... Tomorrow is a new day, with the same challenges, but with a clearer mind hopefully
  • fc_adamfc_adam FoxyCart Team

    You have multiship enabled for your store - and as part of that set up, the shipping address fields are always shown for all the different ship to addresses. Your own address ("Me") is considered a ship to address as much as any others, so that will always display. You don't have the option to 'Use a different shipping address' with multiship.
  • OK, I have deslected multi-cart

    But still have an error, when I select ship to a different address, the shipping address wont show

    The shipping box does indeed have an onclick associated with it

    <input id="use_different_addresses" class="checkbox" type="checkbox" name="use_different_addresses" value="1" onclick="FC.checkout.displayShippingAddress(this)">

    But Firebug is telling me that ReferenceError: FC is not defined with the error being


    I am now JS expert (as you can see), have moved all other JS, the only other JS loading is js 1.9.0 locally and from the CDN (actually firebug throws up an error for locally as its not over https, assume its something to do with how FC cache the page)

    Any further help appreciated
  • Have you ever wasted 8 hours of your life and realize the error was jumping out at you but so obvious, you never considered it.

    For some reason unknown to myself, I omitted, deleted, not sure what, but never had an opening head tag (yep, look at the dumbass me)

    I don't think I have ever ever done that in my-life, I can only assume I deleted it by accident as I use a boilerplate for starting out all projects .... and yes, it does have an opening and closing head.

    Regardless, apologies for wasting time ...

    I am off to read "The Absolute Basics of Web Design", it looks like I need a refresher :D


  • fc_adamfc_adam FoxyCart Team

    Glad you were able to find the problem!
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