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Will a custom subdomain help with this...?

chrisLchrisL Member
in Help edited November 2008

Thank again. Everything with FoxyCart is working and orders are starting to trickle in!

My newest issue:
I am using an affiliate management app to track commissions from groups who are helping to sell our service. The method that triggers the transaction is written into our Receipt page on FoxyCart. I figured out that orders from users using IE6+ haven't been recording transactions. The affiliate app we are using requires using a cookie to record the transaction and the default security setting for IE6+ won't allow for 3rd party cookies, which is what I_think is happening.

I'm looking for ideas on how we fix this. Would a custom domain from FoxyCart (our own SSL cert) solve this problem or would IE still see as a third party to

I think there might be a P3P solution to this, too, but that's over my head.

  • lukeluke FoxyCart Team
    Probably... I'll leave this one for Brett to comment on since he's got a lot more experience with affiliate marketing stuff and dealing with third party cookies.
  • Hello Chris

    Sorry to divert your thread but what affiliate app are you using? Would you recommend it and is it open source?


  • @leapy
    I'm using Affiliate Manager (JAM). I have two other installations of it up and running and I like it a lot. The interface is a bit 1999, but everything has been solid. It isn't open source, however, there is a fully functional free version -- the only limitation is you are limited to 50 affiliates. Support is pretty good, too, on their forum. Hope that helps.
  • Many thanks, Chris.. i will check it out
  • brettbrett FoxyCart Team
    The affiliate app we are using requires using a cookie to record the transaction and the default security setting for IE6+ won't allow for 3rd party cookies, which is what I_think is happening.

    I don't know about IE8 at this point, but as far as I remember, disabling 3rd party cookies isn't even a possibility in IE6. In IE7 it's possible but enabled by default, and kind of buried.

    That said, a custom subdomain most likely _would_ fix the issue, but I think it's got less to do with restricting 3rd party cookies and more to do with other cookie behavior. (Then again, I've been really sick all week so I might be wrong.) For example, Google Analytics has similar issues with tracking things (using a * domain as opposed to a custom domain), but it's not a 3rd party cookie restriction issue.

    So, in any case, yes, the custom subdomain should probably fix the issue.

    Also worth looking at, however, is to make sure the tracking script you're loading on the receipt page is loading at https, not http. If you've set your browser to just automatically not load insecure elements on secure pages then you wouldn't even necessarily be aware of the problem.

    I'd love to know what you did to get JAM working. If you'd like to share your notes I'd love to add them to our integrations page on our wiki.
    We typically recommend iDevAffiliate, but options are always a good thing.
  • I'm halfway there...

    I realized I had two separate issues... (1) I had to set up a P3P compact policy in my header to make IE happy. This got the cookie working and commissions recording, however, (2) users now get the "secure and non-secure items" warning on the receipt page because the tracking script is NOT https. If the user says "No" to the prompt, the script won't load and record the commission (I'm finding out that most people select YES). I'm adding SSL to our site tonight, so that should fix this issue.

    I think an XML feed solution would be more secure and ideal. I know how the script needs to be formatted from the feed to record the commission, but I lack the skills to read and parse the feed.

    @brett - I'll send you the details.
  • brettbrett FoxyCart Team
    Thanks Chris for sending that info. I'm actually really surprised that it was the P3P that was causing problems. That's one of those things that seems like a good idea but in reality is a massive headache (with so little documentation available it's even scarier).

    So with the notes you sent, that works as expected, cross browser and all?

    As far as the XML, that could be really interesting. As far as I know, iDev tracks IPs as well as cookies so it's a little more interesting (and probably more reliable, but I could be wrong). But so long as it's working for you that's wonderful. If those instructions you whispered are solid and everything's working I'll get those on our wiki. Thanks so much for providing that. We're honored to have the great users that we have.
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