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Customer charged multiple times

cbootcboot Member
in Help edited April 2013
On our store, we use a subscription with an end date as a payment plan alternative to the full retail price. We're currently running v.1.1.

I have a customer who was incorrectly charged twice last week on their payment plan. The customer used a coupon on their purchase that makes each payment $32.92 a month (as opposed to the normal $54.16 the payments would be). The customer's payments are on the 25th of each month. He didn't make a payment in March, resulting in him being past due for the month. Today he updated his information in FoxyCart and was charged $65.84 (past due amount + this month's payment). No issue here.

However, last week, he was charged separately $54.16 on both 4/15 and 4/19. The transactions looked like regular payments on a payment plan so we didn't catch this until the customer contacted us. Neither of these charges should not have occurred. Any clue what happened? I'll whisper the store and transaction details. Thank you!
  • fc_adamfc_adam FoxyCart Team

    So looking at the 4 transactions you mentioned there, there is actually two different subscriptions in those transactions. One started on the 25th of October and one on the 19th of December of last year.

    The first and last transaction you mentioned are for the sub starting in October, and both of those transactions seem to be legitimate for the subscription in question - both occuring on the 25th as they should.

    The middle two, for the subscription started in December, both also look legit. The first of those two on the 15th is for the past due amount, and if you check the totals, it's removing the future subscription amount and only charging the past due amount. The second transaction then occurs on the 19th at the regular scheduled time.

    Does that make sense?
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