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modifying cart order

drwagner13drwagner13 Member
in Bugs & Feature Requests edited November 2008
I can't find any documentation on how the ^^cart^^ in receipts can be modified.

We have five people fulfilling orders in our organization. The items have categories, and different people mail items in different categories from different parts of the country. To make their job easier, I'd like the cart or be ordered by category, and then within each category the items should be ordered either alphabetically or by code (item number). Shouldn't this be a basic bit of functionality? Or am I going to have to do some more coding (please say no!).

Next, we have one category that may have hundreds of ordered items. In the cart template received by email, each item requires at least four lines, where one could easily suffice (simple table). I'd like to modify this. Is it possible?

Of course, all this would be ideal functionality for the on-screen cart as well. It is mentioned a number of times in the forums and Wiki that you can use jquery and the json thing to modify the cart, but for this example (and other basic formatting issues), wouldn't it be better to offer some gui-style choices? In the meantime, perhaps you guys could post a few examples of how to do the mods, or a complete tutorial. Hey, maybe start with my example!

  • brettbrett FoxyCart Team
    Good question. Currently all the ^^placeholders^^ are not editable, but let's discuss.

    As far as the email receipt goes, you could definitely look into the custom receipt script:
    Yes, it'd require some custom coding, but a lot of the work is done for you, and you could get _exactly_ what you want.

    As far as the checkout cart, those are all interesting requests, and I can definitely see how it'd be useful. The issue with making it easily possible comes down to the very real problems of how to allow the user (you) to modify very complex code in an easy way. The code that goes into generating the cart is _significant_, to say the least. You have to take into consideration not only how the different items in the cart behave by themselves, but also with other items (in different categories, in the same categories, with coupon codes that affect all categories, some categories, etc.). You have to consider how they behave with taxes and shipping. You have to consider multi-ship and subscriptions. It can look simple, but it's not really at all.

    So to output a complete cart's worth of products in HTML, there's obviously a lot to think about. If we were to allow you to group by category (which isn't a bad idea at all), how would we do that? Would it look like how we group ship-to's in the multi-ship cart (multiple <tbody> elements)? That'd make the most sense to me, but that'd definitely require a bit of work on our end to make it happen. Again, I think it's a good idea, but we have a LOT of users clamoring for advanced tax functionality, better shipping functionality, better subscription functionality, and etc., so we have to weigh all that with what's going to benefit the greatest number of people the most. I don't say all that to discount your comments, because grouping by category would definitely be cool, and we've had a LOT of people ask about arranging items in the cart alphabetically, so it's clearly important. I just want to provide you with our perspective so you can understand where we're coming from.

    Again, though, I think it's a neat idea, so please request it:

    So, all that said:

    The Email Receipt:
    Getting that functionality on the receipt would definitely be possible with the XML, and that's kind of what we built the XML datafeed for. Our goal is to provide the "basic" functionality for 90% of our users to do what they need to do with minimal hassle, but to also provide the remaining 10% with the advanced functionality to do what they need using our advanced tools. This request would probably stretch _any_ ecommerce platform to its limits, but it's likely easier with FoxyCart than with any other.

    If I'm wrong in that and you know of an interface that'd allow easy customization of the receipt, or something similar perhaps, please do let us know. I'd be very interested to explore our options.

    The Cart/Checkout Cart
    At present, you'd likely have to rely on the JSON to make happen what you want to make happen. We could definitely help with creating a tutorial for (or with) you, but perhaps let's focus on the email receipt first?

    HOWEVER, it might be worth exploring what you could do with CSS. For example, the category where product options could be displayed in a table could likely be mimicked by making the <li> elements inline or floated, rather than block. This would get you a display how you'd want it (if I understand you correctly).

    So, how would you like to proceed?
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