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nickffnickff Member
in Important News edited May 2013
Hey Ya'll,

I'm looking to use the popular css3-mediaqueries.js script for media query compatibility back to old IE versions on my checkout page. Unfortunately, when I go to cache my checkout page with that script included, I'm getting some errors. It seems to be dying at line 71 of the script:
var _3={BLOCKS:/[^\s{][^{]*\{(?:[^{}]*\{[^{}]*\}[^{}]*|[^{}]*)*\}/g,BLOCKS_INSIDE:/[^\s{][^{]*\{[^{}]*\}/g,DECLARATIONS:/[a-zA-Z\-]+[^;]*:[^;]+;/g,RELATIVE_URLS:/url\(['"]?([^\/\)'"][^:\)'"]+)['"]?\)/g,REDUNDANT_COMPONENTS:/(?:\/\*([^*\\\\]|\*(?!\/))+\*\/|@import[^;]+;)/g,REDUNDANT_WHITESPACE:/\s*(,|:|;|\{|\})\s*/g,MORE_WHITESPACE:/\s{2,}/g,FINAL_SEMICOLONS:/;\}/g,NOT_WHITESPACE:/\S+/g};

I'm guessing it has something to do with that @import bit, but this syntax makes my eyes go blurry.

Has anyone had success incorporating this script into their checkout pages? If so, any tips?
  • nickffnickff Member
    Sorry, this was a result of modernizr.js, not css3-mediaqueries.js. I switched from a local version of modernizr to a CDN URL and now all is well. False alarm!
  • fc_adamfc_adam FoxyCart Team

    Glad you got it sorted. There is a known little issue with modernizr that it has some minified code that looks like a twig tag, and it breaks our Twig engine. Wrapping the javascript include in Twig raw tags fixes it:
    {% raw %}
    // your javascript include
    {% endraw %}
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