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Multiple coupon codes on a per category basis

sccr410sccr410 Member
in Help edited May 2013
So my client is having an issue regarding coupon codes. Here is what they want to setup:

1) Have select discount codes apply to specific products
2) Concurrently run time-limited sales for specific categories.
3) Also have the ability to have sitewide sales

Here is the issue as I see it and maybe I am not understanding this right. They can do unlimited sitewide sales coupon codes, that is no problem. #3 is a non-issue

However, you cannot do discounts that apply to specific products. So #1 is impossible.

You could do a discount that only applies to specific categories in FoxyCart. However, many products in the store belong to multiple categories and FoxyCart only lets us pass a single category in the Add to Cart code. So this I have no idea how to make #2 work.

The site I have for this client is built on WordPress and unfortunately before I found FoxyShop so has a custom built integration with FoxyCart. We we currently do it is we have our public categories that are used to organize the products in the store and then our discount categories which are used to assign products to a category (or group) of products to be used in promotions/coupon codes. This is a workaround for the one category only allowed by FoxyCart. We actually pass the discount category (if there is one) in the add to cart form and not the public category.

However, a single product could be part of two separate discount categories. Now we're screwed as I see it because this isn't possible with FoxyCart.
  • fc_adamfc_adam FoxyCart Team

    Your summary there is pretty much spot on. At this stage it's not possible to apply a coupon discount to a particular product unless you're restricting that product to a single category. Probably the best way to apply product based discounts outside of that is to use product level discounts in your add to cart form. You could possibly fake a code entry on the product add to cart to enable the discount? Conceivably you could also modify the coupon entry field to apply some custom logic to test coupon codes against a hardcoded list - and if the coupon code is correct and the product is present, manually add a coupon to the cart. You'll also need to perform some checks on cart load to remove coupons if the required products aren't there anymore.

    For what it's worth, we do plan to expand our coupon support to allow for complex rules in how and when the coupon should apply. Unfortunately at this stage though, you are a little restricted in your particular situation.
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