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Bank Transfer

fulltangfulltang Member
in General edited November 2008
Does Foxycart have an offline bank transfer option as well as the standard payment gateways? I currently use paypal for credit card proccessing but want to add the bank transfer option to my site as well.
  • brettbrett FoxyCart Team
    When you say "offline", can you describe that? Do you mean an electronic check payment? Or something else?

    We don't currently support payment by e-check, but please vote for it here and we'll get to it as we are able:

    If you're referring to something else, please let us know.
  • fulltangfulltang Member
    edited November 2008
    What I am after is two payment options: 1) Paypal which I have now. 2)Bank transfer option which when picked gives the customer my bank account details and sends an invoice
  • lukeluke FoxyCart Team
    1) It's on our list, so feel free to vote for it
    2) You could probably handle that yourself by using the purchase order or offline payment option and then use the receipt email as your invoice. Or, if you need to get fancy, you could send specific invoices using the XML datafeed.
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