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General & Canadian Questions

gougeawaygougeaway Member
in General edited November 2008
I'm considering implementing Foxy Cart for a client. I've got a few questions, and not all are deal breakers, but it would be nice to know they'll be implemented at some point if not already.

1) Is there, or will there soon be the ability to offer Gift Certificates?
2) Is it possible to have different prices for different user groups?
3) I'd like the option to have "Ship To Store" selected, and let the customer choose from a list of our stores. Shipping would then be free.
4) Are there plans to implement Canada Post shipping?
5) I read a few posts on Canadian taxes. They were from April or so, and it sounded like they were going to be implemented soon. Have they been implemented?
6) Is there encryption in effect to prevent savvy folks from editing pricing in forms submitted to the checkout?
7) It seems FoxyCart relies on Javascript - will the cart work at all without Javascript enabled?

I've played around with jQuery a fair bit, so I have a good handle on that, which might help, and is one of the reasons I'm interested in FoxyCart in the first place. Is any of the above something I could implement on my own, or am I at the whim of the foxycart team?

Thanks, it definitely looks like a promising project.
  • brettbrett FoxyCart Team
    1. "Soon" is the operative word there. We've discussed this in great detail, and what we haven't figured out how to make fully foxy is the accounting and maintenance. In many (most) cases, gift certs need to be accounted for, which leads to additional functionality far beyond the actual functionality.

    There's also the desire to allow gift certificates to be created on the fly, as a product, which gets into a few other issues. We send the receipt to the customer, but then how do we deliver the gift certificate to the recipient? It'd likely need a new email template, as well as new user interface functionality to allow the certificate holder to check the balance and etc.

    So, it's clearly something we've discussed and thought about, but we've been hard at work on other pieces of functionality. That said, it's a popular request, and please vote for it:

    All that said, you could conceivably fake this functionality a little bit using our existing coupon code functionality. It wouldn't be perfect, but it might work depending on your needs.

    2. Yes, though it depends on the CMS you're using. Since FoxyCart doesn't handle users beyond the checkout, what you'd do is manage users on your end, and present different users different prices (or different products, options, forms, etc.). There are a handful of MODx users I know of that are doing this for resellers, wholesalers, and etc.

    3. That's a really interesting request... You could roll your own with a custom checkout field, and perhaps a little javascript to get things just right. Definitely possible though.

    4. Yes. Please vote for it though:

    5. We're hard at work on "supertax", which should be here in 041. It should fully support all your ridiculous wonderful Canadian tax needs.

    6. Currently, not really, but believe it or not we've not had a single report of this causing issues. We do realize that it's a potential problem, however, and for stores doing things automated, we recommend verifying things using the XML datafeed. FoxyBack-MODx does this, for instance. We have plans to support encryption to prevent price (and option) manipulation, so please spend some more votes for it:

    (It's actually a lot more interesting than you might think at first. Encrypting a link is quite easy, but encrypting a form with dozens of individual <input> elements is another matter. For example, you need to make sure you can't take an option from Product A and pass it into Product B's form. We have this all mapped out, but I bring it up because it's kind of fun to think about.)

    7. Currently, javascript is required. You could change your noscript message to prompt your customers to call to place their orders, if that's a possibility. We know that relying on javascript isn't ideal, but every FoxyCart user that's had enough data to make a accurate comparison has given us very strong evidence to suggest that even without javascript support FoxyCart still converts significantly higher than any previously used cart. If you have a very high percentage of visitors with javascript disabled it's definitely a consideration, but in practice we've received _very_ few reports of this causing problems.

    If this is important to you, however, please do request it. Our goal is to provide the most powerful, flexible, and easy to customize ecommerce platform available, and we value your feedback very much.
  • Thanks for the quick reply. Not sure how I missed that requests page, but it seems it would have answered a few questions. I'll run a few questions by the client and see what they think.

    So I assume with your answer from the "Ship to Store" question, that it's possible to send "extra" data to the checkout section?

    The coupon = gift certificate thing is interesting. Is there something built into the coupon functionality to ensure that it can only be used once? Or would that be only once per user? Maybe I can use the xml data to "trigger" when that coupon is used and delete it from the foxycart options? Not sure if the xml will let you control anything on foxycart itself.

    Encryption isn't a huge deal, as there probably wouldn't be a ton of automation - for this project, at least.

    Thanks again.
  • brettbrett FoxyCart Team
    So I assume with your answer from the "Ship to Store" question, that it's possible to send "extra" data to the checkout section?
    Yes, definitely. Details in the wiki.

    Coupons have many options at this point, including one-time use and such. You can also generate them in bulk, if you need, so you could generate a bunch of one-time use coupon codes all with the same options. Give it a spin, but it should be fairly flexible.

    Great questions! Thanks for asking them.
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