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Offline Payments

FuzionMonkeyFuzionMonkey Member
in Help edited November 2008
I'm not sure how offline payments works in foxycart since it is not available in the trial.

Right now I'd like to make it so that certain customers (wholesale) would have access to a separate section of the store which would feature the products at lower prices. I would like them to be able to select offline payment using a offline check.

Is that possible with foxycart? Is there a way to make offline payments only accessible for certain products?
  • lukeluke FoxyCart Team
    Currently, no, it is not possible without using multiple stores. Right now each store only supports one payment gateway method. As for offline payments, it just collects the credit/debit card information but does not send it to the payment gateway. In the future we plan on building a purchase order option which could be used in conjunction with a payment card as an either/or/and kind of deal.

    We also don't do offline check info, but plan on having that option ("pay by check") available in the future.

    As always, feel free to vote up your needs here and we'll work on what needs to get done most:
  • So can you specify what information you want to collect with the offline payment option?

    Since only certain people would be able to access the site, could you have them not pay with anything up front, and just collect billing information so that we could send them a bill?
  • lukeluke FoxyCart Team
    When you say not pay with anything, do you mean not collect the payment card information? If so, just use the Purchase Order option. If your company doesn't actually use PO's, you can use some JavaScript / JQuery to prefill the PO field with any value you want and hide it.

    Does that work for you? We have an example of hiding the PO field here:
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