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hi - is the "continue shopping" button on the cart page hardcoded or am i going mad? i cant find it in the css... but its been a long week...


  • lukeluke FoxyCart Team
    Being able to go back to the store page and continue shopping is a standard part of every checkout system, so we coded that into ^^checkout^^. It is contained in a div#fc_cancel_continue_shopping so that you can style it however you wish. Currently, it links to the first http_referrer obtained the first time the cart is called. In the future, we'll extend this so it will return you to the most recent http_referrer and each cart item will have their own link back to the page where they were added to the cart.

    I was just looking at it this morning, and I noticed a few hidden inputs within that same div. We'll probably move those somewhere else if they become a problem.

    Curious, what is it you'd like to do with the Cancel and Continue Shopping link?
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    just change the graphic to match the rest of my cart - when i said hardcoded, i was thinking <img scr... etc - but if can change the bg image with css, thats absolutely perfect!

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    turns out the one i was on about was: #fc_closeWindowButtonBot{background-image:url(https://www.foxycart.com/themes/standard/images/cart-continue-shopping.png);}

    ive added it with an !important and changed url to one of my own pngs, but it doesnt seem to want to be cached... got a sec to try this out?
  • brettbrett FoxyCart Team
    Ok, this one is a little confusing. Let's see if I can make sense of it.

    That particular link is outside the FoxyCart iframe, so it's not secure, so it doesn't need to be cached. Similarly, it's in the seperate CSS files (described here), and not the CSS that style the cart and checkout pages.

    This was more a decision to help page load times than anything else, as well as an attempt to separate which stylesheet is responsible for what.

    Does that make sense? Do you have a link of where you're trying to style things? I think it's a matter of not overriding the right stylesheet.
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    thanks brett - it was a simple case of not reading the documentation(!).

    a thousand apologies!

    its been an unusual week for me, my ramblings definitely reflect that i think.

    cheers for the continued support.

    regards. 0
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