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Disable Coupon Code for Subscriptions

dvalledvalle Member
in Help edited July 2013
Hello, I have a subscription button and would like it so that I can do one of two things:

1. Can I make it so that when they use a coupon code, it will only be applied to the first months payment?
2. Can I disable the coupon code just for subscriptions if the above method can't be done?

Thanks for any help!
  • fc_adamfc_adam FoxyCart Team

    1) It's possible, but you'd need to provide each customer with their own unique coupon code (either a separate coupon, or a individual variation of a single coupon code). You'd then set the coupon (or it's codes depending which approach you take) to a single use. So while it is possible, it may not be feasible for what you're after.

    2) You can - what you'd do is put the subscriptions into their own unique FoxyCart category, and set the coupon to not apply to all categories but select the categories it can (apart from the sub category).
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