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Is a greater than 24hrs response time normal for FoxyCart billing inquiries?

OsikaniOsikani Member
in Merchants edited July 2013
I sent you an email at 1442EDT yesterday July 1, 2103, regarding a billing question, as I wanted to start my subscription to activate my store.

I got what was obviously an autoresponder telling me that you had received the message, and hinting at a response within 1 business day. It is now as, I write this, more than 26 hours since I sent the email and got your autoresponder. Surely 26 hours is longer than 1 business day, no?

I finally broke down and used the phone, only to be put on hold, then told to leave a message, even though the voicemail system itself clearly informed me of live working hours that close clearly more than 2 hours after the time of my call.

You have already given me so much free development time and server resources, much better than any other shopping cart extant that I have worked with, but if this is how you respond to billing questions, which will putatively put money in your pockets, I must say that it inspires little confidence in your ability to deal with payment, heck, even straight-out customer issues, for that matter.

I am deeply impressed, and highly disappointed!
  • fc_joshfc_josh FoxyCart Team
    We owe you a big apology for not being in touch sooner. Some of our team were in and out at different times yesterday and today (including myself). Because of this, a couple of our billing emails did not get responded to yet. This is not normal and we generally do reply to each email within 24 hours (many times within a couple of hours). Sadly, no one was available to take your call earlier when you called. I can understand how all of these situations have equaled to a disappointing experience. Hopefully we will be able to make things right. Taking care of our users is top priority and that will always stay the same.

    I have responded to your email, along with including my direct number. Please don't hesitate to call if you need anything at all.

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