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Newbie - Where do I start with Fox/PPalPro

nohacksnohacks Member
in Help edited November 2008
Hi Guys,

Please Help - I have some basic questions on:
Subscriptions and how to setup /handle with PayPal Website Payments Pro.

I have a site that needs a cart with credit card processing.

I was able to do this with simple payPal Subscriptions buttons, but I wanted to have an automatic cancel and renewal options. I had to move to PayPal Website Payments Pro for this option.

Now with pro I need a Cart.

I guess I need a cart now...

I logged into Foxy Cart and Started a test site...

I really need a only a few things.

One to know who paid and feedback for processing.
Two to be able to cancel reoccurring payments.

Should be very simple right??

  • lukeluke FoxyCart Team
    Hey Phil. We don't currently integrate with PayPalPro's subscription system (which, I think, you actually have to pay Paypal extra for). We built our own subscription system that just sends the transactions to PayPalPro. You can play with that all you want, we don't charge anything until you want to activate a live payment gateway in FoxyCart to collect payments. We have seen situations, however, where the merchant account setup with PayPalPro doesn't qualify to not require the credit card verification number (or CVS number). Since we don't store the CVS (we're PCI compliant) that situation can cause problems for some merchants when the subscriptions run. For most accounts, however, it hasn't been a problem.

    The info you need to get started should be here:
    The subscription stuff is here:

    Please let us know if you have any questions or if there's anything we can clarify for you further.
  • Hi Luke,

    Thanks for your quick response. I think we just need something like this example:

    We plan to just use PayPal Pro and your cart.

    I really need a only a two things.

    a. Information on who paid and feedback for processing.
    b. To be able to cancel reoccurring payments.

    That is all

  • lukeluke FoxyCart Team
    As I said, feel free to setup a cart and start playing with it. You'll probably want to watch the screencasts first to get an idea for how things work.

    Are you looking for a developer to help you implement FoxyCart, or just asking about features? If you need a developer, we may be able to recommend one for you.
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