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Complete customization of Cart, Checkout, Receipt...

qmanningqmanning Member
in Help edited July 2013
Hey guys,

So we're working with FoxyCart, and I love how easy it is to implement. But I'm running into some issues with exactly how to utilize the JSON or TWIG to customize our HTML pages for cart, checkout, etc.

The example of what our cart is supposed to look like is here:

I've modled its functionality/features off of the default FoxyCart cart page. I'm doing the same with the checkout & receipt pages.

My big issues is - I'm just not quite sure how I would "fill in the information" on this page with the elements needed to help it integrate with FoxyCart.

Using the "template" concept, I saw that you would put ^^cart^^ where you wanted the cart to go, but as you can see here, I'll be wanting to specifically style all those elements, so a deeper form of integration would be nice. Some of the documentation for JSON, using the foxyCart.js file seemed to be more along the lines of where I was looking to go, but again, my issue was finding some real world examples of how I could get my values/buttons/etc to integrate into FoxyCart.

So, if possible, if anyone could help by providing some helpful links, we would be super appreciative. Thank you so much in advance :D
  • fc_adamfc_adam FoxyCart Team

    So there are two ways you can go about this.

    Firstly, you could completely roll your own cart template, and essentially gave it local to your page and fill in the data using the JSON. Really though, for what you're doing, I wouldn't suggest this route.

    What I'd suggest is working with the Twig template. We have details of working with Twig here:

    Specifically what you'd do is grab the cart twig template from that page, update it as you need, and use that as your cart template - rather than actually building out the form yourself. You'd then add in your own styling to the template to do whatever you need there.

    For what it's worth, if you're not actually changing the markup - you could simply use ^^cart^^ placeholder and then add in your styling. You can add in any styling you need.

    For the checkout and receipt templates - you want to take the Twig approach or just style the placeholder default.
  • Thanks Adam! I've actually been rolling my own template with JSON.
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