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coupons and subscription renewal

gl330kgl330k Member
in Bugs & Feature Requests edited November 2008
Ok. We are trying to handle this:

A client with thousands of articles of content that can only be viewed by paid subscribers to a web site.

We're planning on MODx to manage the content and foxycart to handle the subscriptions with the MODx foxycart snippet to bridge the gap.

The "wrinkle" in the plan is that this client offers "bulk" subscription rates. So that if one subscription is $30/year then if you order 100 subscriptions they are say $20/year. (easily handled with category discounts?). But then we get to the wrinkles in the wrinkle.

Will they have to manually create MODx users for these bulk users?
What if they aren't sure what level of bulk users they need? There are about 4 or 5 different tier levels?

I was thinking this could be accomplished with coupon codes sent to the users. The company buys bulk subscriptions. We send them a coupon code for foxycart that basically gives them a free subscription... which is only to setup the user in foxycart to then get transferred to MODx. In theory I can see this working but what happens upon renewal of the subscriptions?

If you guys need more context ping me off the list. Brett has my email address :)

Side question: what happens with subscription renewal if the card is going to expire? Does it send an alert email notifying customer of this problem before attempting to renew?

  • lukeluke FoxyCart Team
    What you're describing almost sounds like a voucher system... Where someone buys a voucher code that gives them access to your system and then you determine the length of time that access code is valid.

    You've definitely got a complicated situation. If I was in your shoes, I might look into working with the datafeed to generate the bulk users after the sale takes place and then emailing the customer a list of user names and logins. Adding users to MODx should be pretty straightforward.

    Though your coupon idea is very interesting as well... if you send along with a coupon a subscription product set to run in the future, FoxyCart will require the payment info. They won't pay anything up front because your coupon should handle that. Would that work?

    As for subscription renewal processing, vote this one up:

    Since we use FoxyCart to sell FoxyCart, this one is a major priority for us as well.
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