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Shipping rate based on total price

peredurperedur Member
in Help edited November 2008
I'm hoping to migrate a client site from osCommerce to FoxyCart (using ExpressionEngine and, presumably, FoxyEE) — and I just noticed a potential snag: The client requires shipping rates to be based on total price…and separate rates for U.S., Canada and overseas customers. It looks like I could fake the first requirement using the "handling" controls (adding a % of price). But I'm not seeing an obvious way to handle different regions in this scenario.

Is there a way of accomplishing this?

I'm aware of the planned "Super Ship" (which doesn't look like it would cover this, but perhaps could) and of the Multiple Flat-Rate Shipping Options - Yes You Can! work-around (which suggests that some solution might be possible).

  • lukeluke FoxyCart Team
    I wish we had better answers for you today, but it looks like you've got a pretty good handle on where we're at right now.

    One thing you might be interested in is using a javascript method in your on the cart to dynamically add a shipping line item product based on the current price in the cart JSON. I developed a hacked up version of what I'm talking about to do some complicated percentage based shipping calculations here: It's a little complicated and took me a full weekend to figure out how to do, but it works (somewhat). That store is also on 032 and 040 has some features that make manipulating the cart (via specific product ids) MUCH easier than what I did there.

    We REALLY want to get shipping going to handle requests like these, but we're currently under the gun to improve the tax system... Shipping based on a percentage of price is a bit unusual, but we'll keep it in mind when we get to developing Super Ship.

    Thanks for your patience and we really do appreciate your support of FoxyCart.

    Also... if I'm not mistaken, Brett has been working on a side project to integrate osCommerce with FoxyCart. He might chime in on that as well.
  • brettbrett FoxyCart Team
    Oh, yeah:

    The "yes you can" forum post might be your best bet, though if you do that let us know because there's some undocumented 040 functionality that might help.
  • Thanks for the responses. I desperately want to move out of osCommerce (because of its design constraints), but one good feature is the handling of various shipping formulas, with zones and increments.

    So, with price selected as the method...
    Zone 1 Countries: US
    Zone 1 Shipping Table: 2:.75,5:1.50,9:2.50,15:5.00,30:7.00,50:9.00,75:11.00,100:13.00,200:15.00,10000:16.00

    Zone 2 Countries: CA
    Zone 2 Shipping Table: 5:3.00,15:6.00,30:9.00,50:16.00,75:23.00,100:28.00,200:32.00,10000:40.00
    Since I doubt I have the chops to wire this up myself, and can't find any cart as elegant as yours, I suspect I'll just have to be patient and hopeful.
    Should I add this to the feature requests for Super Ship?
  • lukeluke FoxyCart Team
    Yes, please add your comments there. Thanks peredur.
  • brettbrett FoxyCart Team
    Please do. The more comments we have the more likely we'll be able to come up with a solution that works for everybody (hopefully).
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