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Get Orders VIA API

in General edited July 2013
Could you please let me know how I could get a a list of orders for a given status
2. Then for each order I need to have details such as customer, ordered product information
3. And also is there a way to update the order status and shipping tracking information
4. Update Inventory qty for products.

Thanks. BTW, I am programming in C#
  • fc_adamfc_adam FoxyCart Team

    Have you seen our API page on the wiki? For what you're describing you'd be using the transaction_list and/or transaction_get methods as noted here:

    Worth noting though, we don't provide any shipping tracking information within FoxyCart - that's something you'd need to handle yourself. You could add it as a custom attribute to the transaction yourself using the attribute_save/list/delete methods, and you could use that to set an order status as well.

    In terms of updating inventory - we don't manage your products for you so you'd need to have your products stored on your side - but you can use the API to get the quantity of products ordered in a given transaction and update the database on your end. For what it's worth though, for inventory tracking, we recommend using our webhooks to update your inventory as soon as a transaction completes. For details on webhooks, you can see this page here:

    One final note - if you haven't already seen the Order Desk integration, that might be worth taking a look at too:
  • Thanks Adam. Any chance you can procide some sample to get transaction list and to get invidual transaction details?

    I am programming in c#.

    So there is no way that I update tracking? I know you said I need to do some custom attributes. Could you provide some sample details how I can do this?
  • fc_adamfc_adam FoxyCart Team

    We don't provide any tracking information, so there is nothing actually to update there. If you're needing to provide shipping tracking information to your customers, you'll need to set that up yourself to communicate that to customers - we don't currently provide that functionality.

    If you're wanting to associate the tracking number with a transaction for your records, you could use the custom attributes to do that - note though, those attributes won't be communicated to the customer unless you do so yourself. Those attributes that you can add via the API are more for your records rather than something a customer will see.

    In terms of sample code, there may be some sample code on our wiki that you could use to help you get started:
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