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Seeking website/FoxyCart developer for ongoing work

cfncfn Member
in General edited November 2008
I am looking for someone to take over development and web consulting for two established websites.

Both sites use FoxyCart with open source software.

One site uses Nucleus CMS, Genbook, and FoxyCart. I also administrate Google Apps email for this client.

Another site uses MODx and FoxyCart, along with Google Apps email.

The owners of the sites are two individual clients, great clients - I am beginning to change career fields though and no longer have time to attend to the regular operations of the sites.

Expected income: guaranteed $80 per month on retainer ($20 per hour - 4 hours total.)

Mini-projects and additional consulting: expect about $100 or more of additional income per month "on demand."

You can likely raise prices $2 to $3 per hour on a quarterly basis as your performance dictates (ultimately the clients decide what your work is worth, and whether they will continue with you.)

Clients are very understanding, but when they call or email, they usually need their projects completed within one week's time and sometimes more urgently (if it is a commerce matter.)

Very good clients to work with, personable, kind, and committed to success. They will appreciate you and your work.

This would be great for you if you are starting a new website business and would like to add to your client base.

Please be:

1) Familiar with the apps I mentioned. This means going to the Nucleus and MODx websites and thoroughly learning about the software. Ideally it means installing them for yourself and trying them out. The forums for these software packages are excellent and can be a great source of learning.

2) Available and committed. Ideally you would be committed to working with these clients for at least one full year and possibly longer.

3) Competent and persistent with problem-solving. And, understanding of the enterpreneur-type client and their needs.

Please let me know if you are interested by emailing me at Thanks!!!
  • lukeluke FoxyCart Team
    Thanks for posting!

    We've been tossing around the idea of a "FoxyCart Developer's Network" for some time and would love to see the FoxyCart community prosper by serving each other's needs. I already forwarded a link to this thread to someone who might be interested.
  • Hey CFN, I saw this post on the MODx forums - sounds interesting, any luck finding someone yet? :)
  • cfncfn Member
    edited November 2008
    Still looking!

    This would start January 1 but if someone is ready we could begin the transition.

    There are a couple responses so far but not exactly the best match for the job just yet.
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