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Performance issues?

sraposasraposa Member
in General edited November 2008
I'm evaluating foxycart and so I've spent the last few days building a foxycart store and I really like what I'm seeing.

I do have a major concern, however... I've noticed that the performance seems to be quite unpredictable, and sometimes unacceptable.

In the best case scenario, the shopping page on my site pauses for about .5 sec as it loads the foxycart script...not ideal, but shouldn't stop anyone from shopping. At other times, it takes a few seconds... which isn't a major problem, but it doesn't look too good. And there are times when I've seen it take much longer (10+ seconds). At this point, it clearly looks as if the server is down. And when I see the load time slow on my page due to the loading of the foxycart javascript, I inevitably see a slow load time on the cart window (after clicking one of my Add to Cart buttons).

I've also noticed that the load time seems to change drastically within a very short time-span. Even as I post this, I'm seeing the load time flip between .5s and several seconds.

Is it just me?

  • lukeluke FoxyCart Team
    We haven't had many complaints, actually. There is a short window around 10pm CST that a backup script runs which can slow things down for about 30 minutes. We're looking into moving this to a different time slot.

    Would you mind posting a tracert output to from your location? It might be a server location issue. If there are too many hops between your computer and the FoxyCart servers or if there are some bad hops or slow routers in the mix, that would explain why it would be slow for you and not for others. What's the store URL you're working with? Where are you located?

    Thanks for posting and for providing feedback. As we grow, we eventually plan on having multiple servers around the world to decrease connection times similar to other content delivery networks like Akamai.
  • Hi Luke.

    Thanks for the response. I'm in Montclair, NJ. The test store is at
    As I type this, things look pretty good (i.e., just the normal 1/2 sec delay or so). Maybe I just happened to have caught the server when it was running the backup script.
    I'll have to record the time if I see things slow down again.


    Endeavour:~ scottraposa$ traceroute
    traceroute to (, 64 hops max, 40 byte packets
    1 ( 1.487 ms 0.893 ms 0.823 ms
    2 * * *
    3 * ( 7.343 ms 7.399 ms
    4 ( 6.849 ms 7.682 ms 9.497 ms
    5 ( 10.035 ms 7.227 ms 7.441 ms
    6 ( 10.744 ms 8.302 ms 9.435 ms
    7 ( 11.592 ms 9.721 ms 10.581 ms
    8 ( 11.931 ms 10.721 ms 9.458 ms
    9 ( 10.071 ms 9.751 ms ( 9.498 ms
    10 ( 17.883 ms 45.810 ms 16.910 ms
    11 ( 43.689 ms 45.332 ms 44.464 ms
    12 ( 46.652 ms 47.573 ms 47.667 ms
    13 ( 84.537 ms 82.815 ms 84.047 ms
    14 ( 84.730 ms 83.060 ms 84.036 ms
    15 ( 84.191 ms ( 84.460 ms ( 83.728 ms
    16 ( 86.643 ms 83.607 ms 84.246 ms
    17 ( 83.703 ms 83.750 ms 88.125 ms
    18 ( 85.333 ms 85.966 ms 83.072 ms
  • lukeluke FoxyCart Team
    Thanks Scott. We'll be moving to a server farm located in Chicago shortly (our current servers are in California) so that should hopefully decrease the number of hops you see here.

    Thanks again for posting.
  • brettbrett FoxyCart Team
    If you could traceroute next time you're seeing latency it'd be helpful. We haven't had any complaints from North America before (or Europe for that matter; only Australia), so we'd definitely like to see if it's something on our end.
  • You got it. Thanks guys.
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