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foxycart fee per transaction?

sinbadsinbad Member
in General edited November 2008
I was wondering if you guys thought about giving us the option to choose a fee for foxycart for every transaction VS the $15 monthly fee?

Reason asked is that I have a site where we want to have a cart but we KNOW there are not going to be many transactions on it. Its pretty much just for letting our clients the option to pay online VS using their CC at home upon service.

It's more like to have the option on the site and we would prefer to know we'll be paying certain % of any transaction completed with FC and don't want to pay a month to month basis.
  • lukeluke FoxyCart Team
    We've definitely tossed around the idea. Other carts we know of do it that way but some of their customers aren't too happy about it either.

    Many of the FoxyCart stores are making a lot of money with our system and we certainly wouldn't mind a percentage of those sales. :)

    We're big fans of "we make money if you make money", but we've also invested quite a bit of time, energy and money into developing (and continuing to develop) FoxyCart and wouldn't be very successful if we spent all of our time serving customers who would only pay us $1.62 a year because their store isn't making any sales. :)

    The situation you bring up is one of the main reasons we've kept our prices so low. It's such a small fee that most companies doing business online have no problem with it. One downside of it being so small is that some companies don't take our technology seriously because they are used to paying $1,000's for ecommerce that "works".

    We'll keep tossing the idea around. As you can imagine, changing a business model is no simple thing for any company and we have to factor in the long-term affects and what that might mean for new and existing customers.

    Thanks for posting and feel free to bump this thread in the future to keep the conversation going.
  • I would not do business with any ecommerce system that takes a cut of the action. If you're looking for shopping carts, it really doesn't get any cheaper that $15/mo, unless you use PayPal's own buy now buttons, but then their transaction fees are very high. Yay for $15/mo FC!
  • Seconded. :)

    (Credit card processing takes enough already...$15/mo is the cheapest part of doing business we have.)
  • Yeah, $15 is currently about £10 (with the dollar being so weak), which is still a snatch - its ideal for smaller stores who might only make a little more than that per month anyway...

    Luke, everybody, have you guys got any ideas of tips for how to sell FoxyCart to a larger company that is expecting to pay £1,000's for eCommerce? - I don't think the problem is in the features or the concept, but more that they feel Foxy would not have adequate support or there's not a real company behind the product, larger companies like a security blanket...
  • brettbrett FoxyCart Team
    @Mallmus: Yeah, we've talked a LOT about "enterprise level" packages that'd start at hundreds of dollars a month (and would include some neat stuff), so if that's an issue for you just let us know. We're still figuring out what'd make the most sense.

    @sinbad: Thx for raising the issue. What gateway are they using? I'm really curious about that.

    @pims @tookings: Thx for the feedback.

    I think that if we did ever go down this road we'd offer it as an option, but it'd likely come with a price increase across the board. So maybe we offer a plan that costs a % of sales, but we also offer a plan like we have now. I really don't think we'd ever change our business model to _only_ do % of sales, so nobody has anything to worry about on that front.

    The other thing to consider is the cost of the gateway. The cheapest gateway you can find is at least $10/mo (a la CDG; we haven't found anything cheaper). So there's really a "cost floor" that you come up against regardless. (At this point there is, at least. Once we add PayPal Standard support it could conceivably drop to $0.)
  • Yeah, basically I did some CMS consultation last month for a medical company; they decided not to go with the CMS I was representing - and when they asked about a future eCommerce option I recommended FoxyCart and they turned their nose up at that too...

    They felt it more of a toy than something for proper commercial use, which I felt was terribly naive - I guess those types of companies are used to Microsoft charging them large fees for similar types of services...

    Would you guys have an "Enterprise Package"/mini-site with a slightly different design and approach for those types of business?
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