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Getting the CSS to stick

aptdesignaptdesign Member
in Help edited November 2008

I'm trying to setup the basics of FoxyCart (really loving most of it so far by the way!) and am trying to add my own .css file. (BTW - the 2nd screencast here: seems to be missing). I am adding the link to a .css file on my own server right before the head tag in the the Checkout section of the Templates Admin. However, this is not showing up on the actual page, here:

If I use FireBug to manually override where the .css is coming from, it will show the file, so I know its there.

Any suggestions, or could someone explain to me what I'm doing wrong? (I am still in the "Testing" phase - do I have to have a live store for this to work?)
  • lukeluke FoxyCart Team
    What you'll want to do is setup a template page on your site and then go to FoxyCart's admin and put that URL in the checkout template and cache the page. The "AutoMagicCache" as we like to call it, will parse your css file and cache all of the images as needed. Does that make sense? The screencast seems to be working now...
  • brettbrett FoxyCart Team
    Fwiw, the 3rd screencast (2 parts) at is probably going to be super useful.

    Also, I've seen the screencasts disappear but I thought it was just me. Are they working for you now?
  • Thanks guys! I hadn't realized you'd responded so quickly - thanks!

    The 2nd screencast still wouldn't work for me in FF, but it did in Safari. Your plugin looked so easy to use I was just jumping the gun. Followed your 'casts and it went well.

    Thanks for your awesome product and support.
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