Additional currencies?

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I am testing out Foxycart for use on some of my MODx sites, and I wonder if it will support more currencies than are allowed atm. in the store setup.

I plan to use the Paypal gateway and invoices.

Specifically, I need Norwegian and Swedish kroner (NOK and SEK).

Paypal supports these currencies, btw.


  • brettbrett FoxyCart Team
    Hi Andreas.
    Sorry for the delay in responding. Yes, we'll definitely be adding more currency support in the future. Is there a date you're looking to have this by? No promises, but we always like to ask just in case we can pull it off.

    Also, how should these currencies be displayed? If an item is $9.99 in NOK or SEK, how should it be displayed? We realize that in Europe numbers are displayed with the comma instead of the period, but sometimes the currency symbol comes after the numbers and etc., so let us know how it should look.
  • Hi Brett.

    There is no immediate rush on this matter, I have a temporary solution in place.
    As for the display standards, here is the standards for Norway and Sweden. Check under 'Clause 4: Monetary formatting' for currency formats.,_4.5.html,_1.0.html

  • lukeluke FoxyCart Team
    Thanks AndreasT, we'll take a look.
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