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When I cache my checkout url, it strips out the jquery link

redmouseredmouse Member
in Help edited September 2013

I'm learning Foxycart and playing with the set up in the admin.

When I cache my checkout url in the admin it seems to strip out the link to the jquery script. I'm sure it was working OK when I first set it up, only now when started re-caching it.

I get this message when viewing the checkout page
This page does not have jQuery loaded. Please add jQuery to your website to ensure FoxyCart functions properly. If you are a customer seeing this alert please notify the owner of this website about it.

here's my shop test page:

  • fc_adamfc_adam FoxyCart Team

    We do strip the jQuery from the cart, checkout and receipt templates - as we include jQuery automatically on those templates, along with the default javascript needed for those pages.

    The error message you're getting there is due to your inclusion of the FoxyCart javascript file for your site. You don't need to include those on your templates at all. That said though - if you made sure that any javascript on your template is included after any CSS, that error would probably go away also. The way we include the javascript on those specific pages is after the last CSS or the title tag - whichever is last in the DOM. Currently, the foxycart.js file is including before our automatic jQuery inclusion, which is why jQuery doesn't exist at that time.
  • @adam_fc

    Thanks for explaining I have got it working now without the warning.

    I have another issue but I will create a new post topic.

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