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Strange Shipping Price Issue

jlivingstonjlivingston Member
in Help edited September 2013

I have a site where I have adding some custom shipping logic to the FC checkout template, and it works fine. That site runs FC 1.0. I have another site where I've copied that shipping logic over to. That site runs FC 1.1.

For some reason, on the second site, when the order is placed on that site, the shipping value seems to drop to zero. I say that it seems to drop, because I checked the value of FC.checkout.config.orderShipping before the order is submitted, and that value is set correctly, i.e. not zero. But when I get to the receipt page, it shows zero, as does the transaction details in the admin. The javascript on both sites is showing no errors in the console.

I'm going to whisper the store URLs of each site to some of you, if you would be so kind as to take a look and give me your thoughts. There are a bunch of console.log lines throughout the code, because I've been trying to trace this issue down all day.


  • fc_adamfc_adam FoxyCart Team

    I just gave your whole template a try in my test 1.1 store - and saw the same thing, the shipping rates were reset to 0. I then pulled out just your custom shipping logic and put it in the standard template, and it worked just fine. Something else in your template is playing up. I'd suggest taking everything else out and adding it back in until you find out what is causing it.
  • The shipping problem continues. Adam, I realized after look at the template today, that I accidentally left in a function override, FC.checkout.updatePrice, which I had put in there to do some additional troubleshooting, but which was also breaking things even worse. I've now removed it, and the template is doing what I had original described: i.e. it's adding the correct shipping initiall, i.e. FC.checkout.config.orderShipping is set to the correct value, but when the order is placed, the receipt and transaction both show shipping as 0. I believe that what you were seeing is that the value was 0 to begin with. Would you mind taking another look?
  • fc_adamfc_adam FoxyCart Team

    No - the shipping was being set correctly on the checkout, and I was able to replicate it resetting to 0 on the receipt, and when I pulled out your custom javascript and put it on the standard template, it carried the shipping cost over just fine. Did you try that?
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