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bret_ortonbret_orton Member
in Help edited December 2008
I have a client using and they want to make use of's "Customer ID" field; it shows up in's download reports as well as under's "Customer Billing Information" in a transaction detail view.

Is there a form variable I can add to the FC checkout template that would get passed to to get that field populated when the customer's making the transaction?

I haven't looked at's API to do this after we process FC's XML postback, but am guessing that would be another option.

Thanks kindly for the help and hope the rest of the Monday goes well.
- bret
  • lukeluke FoxyCart Team
    edited December 2008
    Hey Bret. Right now, that's probably not something we'll be able to do as there are many different gateways with many different options. Mapping custom fields from one to the other will get a little complex. Some gateways, however, do allow for custom fields to be passed in and that might be something we could take advantage of in the future and sync with our own custom fields:

    Go ahead and vote for this feature at
  • Thanks kindly Luke for the reply. I just needed to ask for due diligence and will probably attempt updating it via's api when the FC postback comes back. And it makes total sense why, when you integrate with many processors, being able to accommodate each processor's idiosyncrasies (on top of those an infinite number of clients might want) impossible.

    Again, all I needed was some confirmation and I appreciate the reply.
    Take care guys.
    - bret
  • skiski Member

    I was just wondering if there has been any update on this; I am trying to do the exact same thing with Moneris. I am trying to use the "Customer ID" field in the Moneris transaction reports so that I can differentiate products within Moneris.


  • fc_adamfc_adam FoxyCart Team

    Unfortunately it's still the same answer as Luke provided previously.
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