Bluefin vs. PayConex

This is a somewhat specific but urgent problem for us. I'm nearly finished building a shopping cart app with FoxyCart (which is fantastic), but I only just learned yesterday that, despite our sales department constantly saying we use Bluefin, we actually use Bluefin's PayConex (formerly QuickSwipe) gateway. According to a Bluefin developer, they're not directly compatible and a separate integration would need to be added to FoxyCart for PayConex. (He claims it's straightforward.)

This is a real pain because my boss isn't willing to pony up for a separate vanilla Bluefin gateway, so it's PayConex or the highway.

Is there ANY way, at all, that we can at least get a statement or something that FoxyCart will support PayConex in the near future? I know "my problem doesn't equal your problem," but I've burned a lot of time on this project here and it would kill me to have to start over from scratch with some other cart.
  • fc_adamfc_adam FoxyCart Team

    It looks like Josh got back to you on your helpdesk ticket as well - but just to reiterate publicly - we just learnt about the PayConex gateway ourselves from a developer at Bluefin. We're currently looking into what will be involved with adding support for it, and we'll provide updates as we're able.

    It's a tricky situation you're in, we definitely understand that!
  • Thanks. Yeah, I'm caught between a rock and a hard place at the moment. I appreciate the quick responses though!
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